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SofticWeb believes in perfection of work and always strives hard to maintain the quality of work. Before hiring us for your project, please make sure that you have understood our refund policy. If you have any questions and reservations about our web design and development, digital marketing services, domain purchase, free website support & services for limited time period, buy software services, server hosting & others our services, please feel free to contact us. Our friendly and responsive staff will answer all your questions. Thank You!

In the following cases, you will get a 100% refund of your payment.

  1. The initial website design and layout is not approved by yourself and you are not satisfied with our services.
  2. We did not start working on your project or in some case we are unable to start the project instantly.
  3. If you want to cancel the deal, you have to inform us in written form within the 24 hours of payment.

Refund is not applicable in the following buy software cases.

  1. 1. After approval of the website design and development work started.
  2. Any delay due to the lack of communication from your side or delivery of web content documents, photos, designs and other copy write documents.
  3. Setup or administration fees to buy software, domain purchase,free website support & services, server hosting is not refundable in any circumstances.
  4. Refund is not applicable to server hosting & domain purchase& server hosting registration fees.
  5. Refund is not applicable if the provided domain is blacklisted or become blacklisted due to the client fault.
  6. Refund is not applicable when the ranking of your website drop, fluctuation or changes as reported by any data source.
  7. Refund is not applicable if the client totally goes out of business or changes his website URL or approved the list of keyword that we provided.
  8. Refund will not be provided if the client hires another digital marketing company within the initial period or client yourself perform SEO, SEM, SMM task.
  9. The warning of google webmaster tools due to the unnatural link notices, etc.
  10. Refund is not applicable for any delays due to the unavoidable circumstances that beyond our control.
  11. Taxes paid for various services related to your project to regulatory bodies will not be refunded.
  12. Refund is not applicable if the client prevents SofticWeb from performing its service obligations in any way.
  13. A minor processing fee is charged to clients for free website support & services will not be refundable

We make sure refund within the 07 working days. It will be refunded to your account either by credit card or direct deposit in your bank account. If paid by credit card the refund will be made in the same number of credit card that was provided during the advanced payment.

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